The Working Fingers Group


The Working Fingers Group

The Working Fingers Group also known as the Workingfingersg comprise of four outstanding organisations all saddled with the responsibility to improve the status of the vulnerable groups in the Society , starting from Nigeria to the entire African continent. First is the Working Fingers Int’l Initiative . An NGO that creates Empowerment opportunities for women and youths. Advancing the capacity of these group of personalities to become useful to their families and to the entire community towards having peaceful societies.

[6:04 AM, 11/6/2019] Ferrai Mum 2: The Working Fingers Int’l Initiative (WoFII) started advancing women and youths capacity for development since 2014 . WoFII has successfully implemented projects with government and bigger international non governmental organisations these past 6 years. Our partners include… Foundation For Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta.(Innovate for change, Agricultural and Gender Mainstreaming project ) Society for family Health. (Health) Women 2020 Livelihood support project for women and girls towards reducing impact of Violence on women and girls. Ending Poverty Project with Aid in Distress Foundation and ATD foundation. WoFII is currently one of the Enterprise Development Centres building capacity or rural and semi rural farmers and Entrepreneurs on Vocational skills and Entrepreneurial training to be able to access the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Government AGSMEIS Loan . This project focuses on reducing poverty and Ending hunger in Nigeria.
[6:04 AM, 11/6/2019] Ferrai Mum 2: The second of the Working Fingers Group is the Working Fingers Multi Purpose Co-operative Society.. The Society was registered in 2015 with the motive of enabling the Working Fingers Group members access quick and soft loans and to enable thrift savings opportunities to meet members financial needs. . These past few years of operation , the Society has had the mandatory Annual General Meetings in line with the cooperative law and has turned over more than #10 million and all dividend paid, More than 300 members of the society have accessed loans with pay back rate of about 95% as at when due while defaulters are still compelled to pay-back their loans.
[6:04 AM, 11/6/2019] Ferrai Mum 2: The third of the Working Fingers Group is the Working Fingers Global Services …WFGS.
[6:04 AM, 11/6/2019] Ferrai Mum 2: The Working Fingers Global Services was also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in March 2017. The WFGS provides Consultancy Services, Vocational and Entrepreneurial/capacity building, Processing and Packaging of local Agricultural products, Bulk buying and breaking. WFGS has a Network of Business Entrepreneurs. The Working Fingers Group members have the opportunity of this platform to come together to share ideas to enable successful Enterprise building .
[6:04 AM, 11/6/2019] Ferrai Mum 2: The fourth of the Working Fingers Group is the Association Against Child Sexual and Gender Based Violence…..AACSGBV . This is the Network of Professional Associations, Community Based Organisations, Nonprofit organisations , individual and Faith-based groups passionately promoting and working to end all forms of Gender Based Violence perpetuated against all vulnerable persons including children. The AACSGBV works closely with government and other security forces at all level of operation as AACSGBV works to advocate and protect the rights of Gender Based Violence Victims amongst provision of all other care services. We have designated Care-lines to provide care and support to victims and make Referrals to appropriate authorities where necessary. At mo…
[6:04 AM, 11/6/2019] Ferrai Mum 2: The overall services and activities of all arms of the Working Fingers Group is to empower and make life better, safer and peaceful for people and communities. Hence in summary, the focus of the Working Fingers group works and Advocacies is the localisation/domestication of the Global Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) and to advocate for the implimentation of United Nations Resolutions …UNSCR 1325, and all other agreements entered into by the government .

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