Our Girls Our Pride

The girlchild is one of the most vulnerable members of the Society which makes the need to protect, provide and care for them a priority that must not be misplaced. The society has a role to play by creating the conducive environment, socially, morally, and educationally for the girlchild to grow and succeed, protecting them at all time.

The family plays another crucial role in the overall wellbeing of thr girlchild bing the immediate agent of socialization and primary caretaker. The major role of the family falls on the mother who oversees the development of the girlchild into adulthood. How far the girlchild will go in life has its foundation on the family and the mother is the mentor and the role-model. It is worthy of note to parents especially the mother.

To the girlchild, they also have a role to play to help give them a good future. It is said that “you can take the Horse to the stream but you cannot force it to take water”. The girlchild need to be obedient to good Parental advice, learn to live within the norms and values of the society and focus on the future ahead of them uncompromisingly and with strong determination.

Together we can help make the girlchild our pride.

The Executive Director

Working Fingers International Initiative/National coordinator, Association against Child sexual and Gender based violence

For Partnership in the Girl child project, send an email tagged to : aacsgbv@gmail.com or whatsapp number 08127275373.

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