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promoting women/girls and youth development.

Gender Mainstreaming Project

Gender Mainstreaming Project. This project is the centre focus of our work. In Nigeria, the gender gap are so wide apart. Women are mostly poor and vulnerable. Hence , the localization of SDGs 1 and 2 which is Ending Poverty and improving the income generating capacity of women and young people towards ending hunger. We believe that when a woman is empowered financially, she attracts more respect and the tendency to suffer violence is reduced and her voice can become louder.

The WoFII Entrepreneurial and Skills Building platform of our organization targets reducing gender gap in Nigeria. Through this project we organize frequent workshops and seminars at designated venues and at our WoFII Resource Centre, and considering the required needs of volunteers/members ,we also make referrals to full-time training/vocational institutions.

At the completion of the WoFII Business Enterprise programs (BEP), certificate holders are linked with financial institutions for funding opportunities. During BEP , participants must open accounts, register their business, have business accounts and imbibe the culture of savings. Within the period of six months to one year, registered participants have always had success stories.

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